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Affordable Local

SEO Solution

All of our plans are as low as possible while still providing you with everything you need.

It has been a pleasure working with HelpingHandCreatives! They are friendly, have great marketing and SEO insights, and have helped my small business grow! Highly recommend their services.

Rosa Lee Grima
Owner of The Caking Place

Antonio and his team at Helping Hand Creatives have been a godsend. They're obviously experts in their field, the prices are great, but the customer service is top notch! They never miss an email and are always on top of it. SO happy trusting my web presence to their team.

Charlotte Martin
Owner of Charlotte Martin Music

I cannot praise Antonio Heberling and Helping Hand Creatives' work enough. We have had a Wix web site for a number of years. Over the years, a number of members of our staff and board volunteered to maintain and improve the site. Many tried, and in my humble opinion, all failed. I realize that Wix strives to maintain a user friendly approach, but it is difficult for those who have never created a website. Antonio was extremely patient. We really didn’t know what we wanted until Antonio proposed it.

As long as Antonio sticks around we will be loyal Wix users for decades to come. We are a 501(c)(3) public charity. We have NO paid staff. However a large share of our donations come from our website. Antonio has made our fundraising far easier.


Thank you for introducing us to Antonio.

Bruce Clemens PhD PE

President of The Peoples Consultants

What Our Clients Are Saying

SEO, Simple and Affordable

You may be wondering how we’re able to charge so little. Well there are a couple of determining factors. First, and probably the biggest, is labor cost. An SEO specialist makes around $30-$40 per hour. This causes the cost of SEO services to be normal for large companies and corporations, but out of reach for small businesses. That’s why here at HelpingHandCreatives we choose to put our customers needs ahead of profit, because we want to help small businesses grow and become self-sufficient.

Another reason SEO services typically cost so much is the quick cash mentality. Agencies know that results typically take 6-8 months to show. So if after 8 months you see no results, you cancel the SEO services and they’ve made thousands on you for doing nothing. Our business model focuses on long term client relationships. We charge you incredibly low to get you off the ground and prove that we know what we’re doing and then after 12 months you pay us to monitor your SEO at a reasonable rate. We’ll teach you as much as we can during the 12 months but there are SEO Monitoring tools that you don’t need to pay for every month when you can pay a fraction of the cost to have us do it for you with the tools we already have.


If there’s one thing we want you to take away from this, it’s that money shouldn’t stand in the way between you and SEO help. We will do everything in our power at the cheapest price possible to increase traffic, sales, and followers. We view this as a business development partnership more than your typical affordable local SEO packages. We invest our time and emotion to make sure your business is a success. Apply for one of our extremely affordable local SEO packages today!

Do you want to increase your internet traffic by up to 1,000% or more with solely organic traffic, at a monthly price rate that makes sense for you? If so then you may want to consider one of our very affordable, local SEO packages.  Sure, just about every website management, business development, and marketing agency offers a few different SEO services, and some may even specialize in localized SEO. What sets us apart from everyone else is our main goal. All we want is to give small businesses the helping hand they need to thrive despite the Amazon’s and Walmart’s of the world. With careful planning and strategic implementation even your corner vacuum store can be profitable in today’s market. That’s why we developed our affordable local SEO services. Normal firms charge upwards of $2,000 a month for the services provided in these packages and they do the bare minimum for the price. We do the opposite. We truly invest in these small businesses that we work with. We don’t nickel and dime an hourly rate, we simply charge the lowest amount possible for our very best work. And over the course of the 12 month program we not only improve your SEO but we also help you learn how to do some of the changes on your own. That way, once the year is up you’ll only need us to keep an eye on things for you.

These packages take localized SEO strategy to the maximum , without taking your bank account to the minimum. We have 3 different packages that your business may qualify for. Depending on how your business does independently of your website you can pay as low as $50 a month for all of our SEO services.  No matter the cost you still get the same amount of care and effort. When the 12 months are up you’ll really feel like we’re part of the crew.

Technical SEO Monitoring

We perform weekly Website Quality Audits, URL Analysis, and make recommendations for improvements of your On Page and Off Page SEO. Once you approve of the changes we’ll immediately implement everything necessary. 

Keyword Research

We conduct weekly Keyword analysis to improve your SEO strategy, and reduce your Keyword gap over time. New searches are popping up every day so you never know what new avenues we might find to gain ranked keywords.

Social Media Management

Social media can be really confusing and time consuming. That’s where we come in, we’ll manage the posting schedule, respond to messages/comments, and even message your followers in mass.

Email Campaigns

We will create email blasts that will get at least a 50% CTR. You provide the leads, we’ll do the rest. We will design your email campaigns using our hours and hours of email campaign research and development. We recommend sending 2,000-10,000 emails per week to see solid results. There are many lead sources out there but eventually your leads will be organic subscribers.

Link Outreach

We take time to reach out to useful backlink targets based on keyword goals, site traffic metrics and your competitor’s link building strategy. Targeting previous clients with reputable URL’s is a great place to start. We mostly focus on link trading.

Website Management

We will run every part of your website, help with customer support and more. We will do everything possible to keep your website running perfectly and improving over time as Wix adds new features. Don’t be surprised if we find something new we want to add every week as Wix releases new features every few days.

Optimized Content 

Google’s crawlers want blogs and article posts to have a minimum of 2,000 words. We not only hit the minimum word count, we also write content that is relevant to your site while mentioning SEO keywords that we see potential in based on regular keyword analysis. That’s why we take an all in one approach in our affordable local SEO packages. If even one piece is missing you’ll end up falling behind the competition.

Social Posts/ Advertising

Every platform is different in both the target audience and successful ad type. We have a marketing expert who will work with our graphic designer to create the perfect ads for any platform.  The only added cost for you is AdSpend. We will suggest different budgets for the best results and it’s up to you how much you put into your advertising budget.

Services We Include

Choose a Package
That Works for You

Now that you’ve heard from some of our satisfied clients, let's talk cost. The way we determine pricing is through a website and business evaluation. If your business qualifies for one of our affordable local SEO packages. We then evaluate the work necessary over the next 12 months to get your website where it needs to be and offer you 1 of 3 packages.     

Case Study


Per Month

It is rare that a business qualifies for this price. These are only offered to case study clients where we see so much potential that we want to use their site as an example for future clients. If you have an already somewhat successful business and your domain has a little bit of reputation, you could qualify for a case study. If you think you qualify apply now.

SEO Growth


Per Month

If you already have a business that’s been established for a number of years but you need to bring in new clients and you think organic traffic on a website might be the way to go, you might qualify for this basic SEO growth package.  This is where most of our clients come in at. If you have a website but haven’t invested in SEO or you are building a site fresh this is your package. If your business already has a reputation, you have a few existing clients, and you already have a grasp on your industry/competitors, growing SEO is a lot easier than a complete from the ground up build. If you’re considering investing in your SEO for the first time, apply now.

Over Haul


Per Month

This package is only for the overhaul cases. The ones who have an idea for a business and we help them develop everything. $200 a month May seem like a lot, especially when starting out, but all the services we’re offering at this price cost normal clients over $1,000 per month. We guarantee that at this rate we’ll take your website and give you a profitable business in only a few months. By the time the 12 month plan is finished, you’ll be the owner of a profitable business. If this sounds like you, apply now.

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